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Friday, August 20, 2010

the best animated movie ever !

the last unicorn ! how many people actually heard of this low budget production ? not many , i guess ! i just hate it when low budget movies go unrecognized ! just because they're low budget , doesn't mean its horrific ! i mean seriously people , just because it's low in buget , we just push it away ! well here's the thing , i bet you that low budget films are way better than the high budget ones ! coming back , this animation is actually the best i've seen in my entire life ! the first time i watched it was when i was 5 and then my vhs spoiled ! i searched and searched and searched all over malaysia and singapore but i still couldn't find it ! this is where e -bay came in ! i was so close to purchase it online when my mothers friend from u.s said she found it ! yay ! lets talk about the movie ! well, its about this unicorn which happens to be the last unicorn around due to the fact some evil dude (king haggard) summoned all the unicorn and banished them to the sea with the help of his red bull , a mythical creature that only appears when a unicorn approaches it ! hahahhaa ! the depiction of it is really cool . now we know where peter jackson got the idea to create the balrog from lord of the rings ! it looks excatly like that ! trust me ! so , this last remaining unicorn must save her kind and defeat the evil ! the story line is kinda cliche' the way i put it , but seriously its not ! the whole movie consists of its fair share of twists and turns ! uuumh ! the music is just out of this world ! the songs are all enjoyable and you are sure to sing along ! i know all the songs by heart ! uuummh ! leaving the music aside , the language used in this movie is so profound and melodious ! mia farrow especially ! did an awesome job ! christopher lee just does it everytime ! his works are so profound and inodious ! the art , however has this almost japaneesy animae kinda look to it ! not totally , but just the eyes and the colours used ! what else ? the dialogues are very serious ! they're not very humourous unlike the silly american jokes that just drives me up the wall ! basically , this is a sad and very serious cartoon that every child would enjoy ! sounds wrong , right ? hahhahhaa ! i assure you , even the adults would be in front of the television set ! hahhahahahaha ! oohh ! i have to point this out ! this is not a disney production ! to me disney has only managed to produced very few good movies ! and i just have to say that independent movies rule ! so , the last unicorn should be watched by every child and adult !

Saturday, August 14, 2010

my wish list !

the numbers don't necessary signify the degree of me wanting these stuff !

1 . architectural degree

2 . tickets to the wizarding world of harry potter

3 . a day out with daneil radcliffe , emma watson and rupert grint

4 . a burberry bag (prosum collection)

5 . a hyundai sonata just for myself

6 . a day out with leonardo dicaprio

7 . a house with one thousand french windows

8 . a membership in the new york academy of arts

9 . a million dollar stradivarius violin

10. excellent results for all my hardwork

11. magical abilities to make people stop starring at me

12 .a treasure box to store all my insecurities !

this is lame !
hahahhaaaa !

Friday, August 6, 2010

what do we think of the last air bender !

book 1 : water !

now , just when i thought this movie was gonna be bad (despite the fact that M. Night Shyamalan has never made a movie i hate ) , i thought the movie was horrific !

you see people , this is what will happen to one (director) when he out of the blue decides to make a movie based on an adaptation !

M. Night Shyamalan previous movies are all based on original ideas !

just to name a few , lady in the water , the unbreakable , signs , the village and the oscar nominated sixth sense !

Shyamalan usually has a flare when he does his movies !
you know that whole steven spielberg kinda thingy , but its not really that at all !

if you watched all his movies , you would notice that he is a man of twisted plots and i do understand the fact that i don't see twisted plots in the last air bender !
it is merely an adaptation of a cartoon and the main audience would have to be the kiddies ! the movie would definitely need to be simple and not too complicated !

leaving that aside , let's talk about the acting which just have to point out !

dev patel !
i know he starred in the oscar hit last year , slumdog millionaire ,
but here in this movie his performance was merely from the slums !
with his stiff body language and inability to convey the right facial exppressions at the right time , just made me wanna walk out of the cinema !

the rest of them were just merely terrible and i don't even feel like blogging about this movie !

see you !